Executive Team

Jacob Davis

President and Chief Executive OfficerJacob Davis has served as President since 1995 and Chief Executive Officer of Fanaco® since July 2000. Since joining Fanaco®, Jacob Davis has successfully navigated the company through several strong and challenging economic cycles, bringing Fanaco® to steady profitability and positioning it for further growth. During his tenure at Fanaco®, Jacob Davis has annually grown the company’s revenue by more than 22%. He has overseen numerous successful product launches as well as guiding Fanaco® into new markets that enhance the company’s brand. Currently Jacob Davis sits on the board of JLD Properties a local real estate development and investment firm; he is also a board member of 500 Realty. Jacob Davis holds a B.S. in Business Management Systems from Seattle City University.

Brent Finch

Senior Vice PresidentBrent Finch serves as Senior Vice President of National Sales at Fanaco®. He oversees all sales activities for Fanaco® Fasteners. Brent Finch has been responsible for extending the Fanaco brand to several new markets as well as positioning the brand with numerous regional and national chains. Prior to joining Fanaco in 2001, Brent Finch was President of Wild Fire, a design and custom developer of high end homes. Brent Finch holds a B.A. in Business Management from Northwest Christian College.

Bruce Tiede

Sec/Treasurer and Chief Accounting OfficerBruce Tiede is Sec/Treasurer and Chief Accounting Officer at Fanaco®. He is responsible for all domestic and international accounting, credit management, reporting, human resources, IT support, brand creation, and corporate operations. During his tenure at Fanaco, Bruce Tiede has been responsible for the design and implementation of management tools, processes, and technologies that have allowed the company to increase cash flow, maximize efficiency, and significantly reduce bad debt. Prior to joining Fanaco in 1995 Bruce Tiede was involved in new store launches, shipping/receiving, merchandising, and human resource with Mervyns Department Stores.

Advisory Team

Richard Forsell

Corporate CounselRichard Forsell has over 31 years’ experience practicing law in the State of Washington. Over the years Richard Forsell has shown great knowledge pertaining to contractual law His knowledge has been instrumental in helping Fanaco® negotiate many complex distribution agreements. The majority of Mr. Forsell’s experience revolves around corporate work, commercial transactions and real estate. Additionally, he represents several small charities and non-profit organizations. Richard J. Forsell graduated from the University of Washington Law School in 1980. Prior to attending law school, he attended Western Washington University and received a degree in Business Administration.

Anthony Neupert

Senior Financial AdvisorWith an extensive financial management background Tony Neupert has assisted a range of companies needing financial expertise in order to meet their growth requirements. His experience includes raising capital as well as restructuring and refinancing alternatives. Tony arranged refinancing packages for Deep Sea Fisheries. As Director of Administration for Color Control, Tony Neupert negotiated the purchase of an operating division of one of their competitors. Tony’s background includes experience as a Senior Audit Manager for Price Waterhouse. He holds a BA in Accounting from the University of Washington and is a CPA in Washington State.