Press Releases

November 2012

FANACO® FASTENERS exhibits at 2012 STAFDA in Orlando, FL.“This year the show was slightly smaller and the attendance lighter mainly due to the geographic location. Not allowing attendance to detract from our enthusiasm, we focused on connecting with each customer and prospect.  In fact we were able to spend much more time with each of our current and future customers, more than in years past. With the ability to roll out our new contractor packs and other product offerings we could see the tremendous impact these market driven products will have on future business.” Said Jacob Davis CEO of Fanaco®

September 2012

FANACO® FASTENERS introduces new easy grip contractor packs.“In the past year, we’ve tested several designs and are excited to roll out our new contractor packs. Our new contractor packs and smaller bulk nail packages will meet the demands of a broader market while reinforcing our strong brand identity. This is a very fast growing segment and we plan to take the lead in attention-grabbing package design, quality and convenience.” Said Jacob Davis CEO of Fanaco®

January 2012

FANACO® FASTENERS implements new inventory tracking system.We are very pleased with the initial results of our new inventory tracking system, said Jacob Davis CEO of Fanaco®. Purchasing from many vendors and dealing with long lead times can be very challenging. Our software along with new procedures has helped us substantially increase fill rates. We believe our new system will better situate us to meet new customer demand and maintain the high fill rates our existing customers expect from Fanaco®.

November 2011

FANACO® FASTENERS  exhibits at 2011 STAFDA in San Antonio, TX.There was a lot of positive energy for the Fanaco® brand at this year’s STAFDA Convention. We established several new distribution partners and reconnected with many old friends. Pre-show marketing and private meetings were up from last year.  Our  approach to new products and customer needs was met with a lot of positive feedback.  We anticipate a continued path of double digit growth and look forward to reaching out to all of our customers in order to ensure that we are exceeding their needs and expectations.

August 2011

FANACO® FASTENERS  upgrades new expanded website to offer more specific product detail.Over the years, technology has become a necessity to our industry.  “Our customers are utilizing the World Wide Web in so many new and creative ways.   Whether it is online catalogs, data sheets, emailed correspondence, or social media, technology has become the way we all work.  There was a time when a fax machine was the primary means of sending data electronically.  Now, it is a secondary tool.  Fanaco® has always been at the forefront of using tech to do business.  With our newly redesigned website, we will continue on that path.” Said Jacob Davis CEO of Fanaco®

June 2011

FANACO® FASTENERS  celebrates 25th anniversary.“This is a very exciting time for Fanaco as we celebrate our accomplishments over the past 25 years. It still feels very much like a startup around the office. There is so much energy and desire to succeed. We have a great team and are introducing so many new products in so many new geographic locations. This just reaffirms that our customers accept the Fanaco brand and the services we offer. All year we will be doing specials for our customers and different functions to show appreciation to all of our vendors and team members.” Said Jacob Davis CEO of Fanaco®

November 2010

FANACO® FASTENERS  exhibits at 2010 STAFDA in Phoenix, AZ.“Each year when we come to these shows our brand just seems to gain more of a following. We do not go out to the market like some of our competitors and diminish our brand by putting our name on all different products within our industry. I think it would be rather naïve of us to think we are experts in all areas. Our brand is very important to us. When customers request our products they know they are getting the best in the industry hands down! This year we had hundreds of customers come to our booth showing appreciation for the products and service we offer. That really makes all of this so exciting. It’s a real grass roots following.” Said Jacob Davis CEO of Fanaco®

October 2010

FANACO® FASTENERS  secures funding for new 75,000 sq. ft. distribution facility.“It’s always a very exciting time when we outgrow a previous facility. Even more so this time as our new distribution center boasts many systems that will allow us to efficiently ship our orders as well as minimizing our environmental impact. This new facility is very unique as it is situated just a few miles east of Microsoft in a well forested area called Redmond Ridge. We had many opportunities to locate in industrial corridors but decided on this location for its natural beauty as well as the local amenities. Our staff has the luxury of short commutes, wide selection of dining and entertainment, many miles of nature trails, wildlife, and striking scenery.” Said Bruce Tiede Sec/Treasurer of Fanaco®

September 2010

FANACO® FASTENERS  names Bruce Tiede Sec/Treasurer.We are very excited to have Bruce Tiede assuming his new role as Secretary/Treasurer. His experience, skills, and knowledge within our organization have allowed us to maximize our profitability, create new opportunities, and streamline how we run our organization.

September 2010

FANACO® FASTENERS  names Brent Finch Vice President of Sales/National Accounts.We are pleased to announce that Brent Finch will be assuming the role of Vice President. He brings great depth to our sales team and will help guide our company and brand awareness.

March 2010

FANACO® FASTENERS secures funding for continued expansion of the Fanaco® brand.“We are very pleased with successfully securing the necessary capital to meet the growing demand for our product. Our industry is inventory intensive with very long lead times. Having an ample supply of product ready for our customers ensures that Fanaco® Fasteners will be their primary source when they call upon us.” Said Jacob Davis CEO of Fanaco®